We touch more than 5 million babies in more than 30 countries every year.

Necix’s carries out all stages from yarn to babies’ clothing in its fully integrated facilities operating with ERP system. Necix’s is one of Turkey’s most famous babies’ clothes manufacturers with its fully integrated facilities and also stands out as one of the leading brands of baby clothes on the national scale with the intention to be internationalized.

Our company mainly focuses on (newborn -24 months) old babies since its establishment. Necix’s has added the 2-5 age group to its product range as well as the including of the autumn-winter seasons. It is a pioneering company that brings innovations to the fabric sector with its 100 and above hardworking staffs. Necix’s also employs approximately 1200 staffs in 80 sub-contractor workshops; including sewing, printing, embroidering, laser, stone, denim washing, buttonhole-button and iron-packaging. Our company is located at Vişne Trading Center. Which is one of the biggest babies clothes trading centers in Turkey. We operate in a total area of 5000m2.


Necix’s operates not only in Turkey. Our brand or products can mostly be found in Central Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East country through ours partners or distributors.



Our core principle is to provide high quality with an affordable price to our final consumers. Necix’s is the pioneer of discount model in Bursa, Turkey, our portfolio includes around 1200 models every year and also aims to offer large range of products to
its customers.


We can produce all your dreams with our flexible production

Since 2010, we have been bringing babies together with more stylish and quality products. We are manufacturing our own raw materials (fabric) and products. Our company is one of the biggest and most popular babies’ clothes manufacturer brands in Turkey. We are manufacturing all kinds of babies’ clothes between 0 months to 4 years and we have a wide range of collections (Rompers, Sets, Newborn set, 3 pcs set, 10 pcs set, socks, bodysuits, etc). We arrange 3000 designs each season there are approximately 1200 new designs per year. We at the same time manufacture and safely deliver your special orders. And if you want a production with your own brand, label, model; it is possible with our flexible production structures. We can make all of your dreams come to reality. In this way, we provide price and quality advantages different from that of our competitors. Our company has ISO and EAC certifications. Our cottons are extra soft and safe for babies’ skin.


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